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Butterfly Custom Shapes for Photoshop

Butterfly Custom Shapes for Photoshop

Butterfly is a beautiful symmetrical creature. It has inspired designers for centuries. Some people are obsessed with butterfly.

If you're one of them, then today is your lucky day. Our next free download is a set of Photoshop custom shapes and the theme as you can guess, is Butterfly. There are nine type of butterflies in this set.

You can download the custom shapes (in CSH file format), load it in Photoshop as custom shapes and just have fun creating wonderful things with this wonderful creature.

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Photo Frame and Border Shapes

Photo Frame and Border Shapes

This is a collection of photo frames and borders. Download this set of custom shapes to be used in Photoshop. Since it is in custom shape format, the size of these frames are infinite.

You can have a picture as big as your computer screen and can still use this frame without compromising the image quality. This set includes 13 types of photo frames. Basically, you can use them as borders for anything, not just limited to photo of course.

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Flower Custom Shapes

Flower Custom Shapes

Custom shapes are one of the interesting elements in Photoshop. It's the next best thing after vector in Illustrator. Download this free set of flower shapes and see what you can do with them.

If you need an inspiration, see my Paper Flower Imagepack. This cute floral decorations were made using this custom shape set.

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