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Demogorgon Silhouette

Demogorgon Silhouette

Download for free these Demogorgon silhouette Photoshop custom shapes. The Demogorgon is the given name for the otherwise unknown creature and one of Stranger Things TV series two primary villains in the first season. It is a monster from a parallel realm that resembles a black mirror of the world.

In this package you will find to different vector shapes representing the Demogorgon silhouette. This is a great shape to quickly make awesome designs like Stranger Things posters or t-shirts. The preview image for these custom shapes was made using the Mockofun Stranger Things Font Generator.

This cool online tool is free and it allows quickly editing the text which can say anything you want in stead of the Stranger Things title, but keeping the colors, fonts and text styles.

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Grid Shapes

Grid Shapes

Download for free these grid shapes for Photoshop. The CSH Photoshop grid custom shapes include 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 Photoshop grids. Because they are custom shapes they can be used as vector grids and therefore resized at any size without loosing details.

Grids are an amazing tool for drawing. They can help you get the right proportions when you are drawing after a photo or model. When working in Photoshop you can easily add these great grid shapes to your design and improve your drawing skills.

There are also alternatives to using grid shapes. Check out this awesome Photoshop grid pattern pack (contains grid patterns, grid brushes for Photoshop and grid PNG images).

If you need a simple grid image with transparent background, you can also use a free grid texture from Textures4Photoshop.<

My favorite grid drawing tool is MockoFun. It's a free online graphic design tool that you can use to add grids to your photos and drawing with just a few clicks.

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10 Racing Car Stripes Vector Shapes

10 Racing Car Stripes Vector Shapes

This set contains 10 classic race car stripes decals in vector custom shape format for Photoshop. You can easily apply this over a photo of a car and transform it into a race car.

What Can I Do With These Race Car Stripes?

In Photoshop you can easily apply these race car stripes car images.

If you are looking for high quality images for cars that you can use for free, check out Textures4Photoshop. I think these race car stripes would look awesome on a white Fiat 500 like this.

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Halloween Pumpkin Photoshop Shape

Halloween Pumpkin Photoshop Shape

Download for free this pumpkin shape just in time for the upcoming Halloween. The CSH file contains 10 pumpkin custom shapes; it is only one pumpkin with 10 different variations. So here you have a pumpkin with outline, a pumpkin face, a pumpkin with face and outline and so on.

The last two pumpkin vector shapes can be used to create a neon Halloween sign, so you might want to check out this tutorial. Combine the shapes with different colors and styles to create a cool vector pumpkin. If you want to create outline shapes online you can try using the MockoFun online graphic design software.

It contains lots of vector shapes and you can add outlines and strokes of different colors very easily.

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Photoshop Scotch Tape Shapes

Photoshop Scotch Tape Shapes

A set of scotch tape shapes for Photoshop that you can use for free in your personal projects. The CSH custom shape file includes 18 scotch vector shapes with different patterns. There are some basic scotch tape shapes and I have also added some Japanese masking tape, named washi tape.

Washi Tapes are very popular among scrapbook fans so I guess many of you will put these vector shapes in good use. The scotch shapes can be easily resized, reshaped, you can add color, texture, pattern and so on to make them look more realistic. They are great in combination with photos, torn paper, stick note, etc.

Do not redistribute, only for personal use, link back to us. Enjoy!

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Broken Glass Photoshop Shapes

Broken Glass Photoshop Shapes

This free set of Photoshop custom shapes contains 5 broken glass vector based shapes. You can use the broken glass vectors to create unique text effects for example or a broken glass window. The advantage is that you can easily resize or remodel these broken glass vector shapes without loosing the quality.

Free for personal, non commercial use, attribution required. For the commercial use contact us!

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Torn Paper Vector for Photoshop

Torn Paper Vector for Photoshop

Paper and paper textures are often used in graphic design, so I came up with the idea of making a set of torn paper shapes for Photoshop. The big advantage is that they can be easily texturized using old paper texture for example. They also can be resized, reshaped, basicaly you can customize them to fit your needs.

These torn paper vector shapes are free for personal non-commercial use; they can not be redistributed on other websites. If you use the in your designs you have to put a link back to our site. The CSH file includes 10 torn paper shapes so I hope you will like this new set of Photoshop shapes.

To write a name on image I suggest using the MockoFun online graphic design tool.

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