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Drip and Stain Photoshop Shapes

Drip and Stain Photoshop Shapes

  • Category: Other

    filetype: CSH

    file size: 120 kb

    number of shapes: 25

    author: SynergyDigital

Photoshop to SVG

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Tags: photoshop shape

Here is a new set of drip and stain shapes for Photoshop. The CSH file includes 25 drips and stains that you can use in your design illustrations. The other vector stain sets featured on this website were drawn from scratch using the Pen Tool and the quality was very pro.

This time, in my opinion, the custom shapes were made using an easier technique. The author made a selection out of a stain brush or photo, transformed it into a work path and then converted it into a custom shape. That is why the quality isn't so good but because they were made in such a big size scale you can use them as vector stain and drips without major problems.

Download these drip vectors for free!

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