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Drip and Stain Photoshop Shapes

Drip and Stain Photoshop Shapes

Here is a new set of drip and stain shapes for Photoshop. The CSH file includes 25 drips and stains that you can use in your design illustrations. The other vector stain sets featured on this website were drawn from scratch using the Pen Tool and the quality was very pro.

This time, in my opinion, the custom shapes were made using an easier technique. The author made a selection out of a stain brush or photo, transformed it into a work path and then converted it into a custom shape. That is why the quality isn't so good but because they were made in such a big size scale you can use them as vector stain and drips without major problems.

Download these drip vectors for free!

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Coffee Stains Photoshop Shapes CSH

Coffee Stains Photoshop Shapes CSH

If you have the latest Photoshop, there are some new Custom Shapes in the form of coffee stains (or a hot drink of some sort), and they’re part of the Grime Vector Pack. To use these custom shapes, select the Custom Shape tool and then in the Options bar reveal the Shapes icons. Load ‘Grime Vector Pack’ from the list inside this small menu, and you’ll now have a bunch of coffee stains and dirty looking shapes to use in designs and for scrapbook materials.

These amazing stain shapes can be used to create coffee stains, wine stains in Photoshop. The pack also includes a splatter shape and two cracks shapes all of them vector shapes; that means you can resize them without loosing its quality.

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Grungy Border Shapes for Photoshop

Grungy Border Shapes for Photoshop

This set of free custom shapes includes 6 grungy border shapes that can be used to create photo frames, to age photos and so on. The vector borders are saved as CSH file so you can install and use in Photoshop as vector shapes. In the pack you will find two grungy frames and other four corner borders that you can use individually.

A border or frame shape can be used no matter the size of your design, so you can resize it easily or even change its shape. You can use it along with old paper, stain shapes or brushes and so on. It works perfectly for photo framing so give it a try!

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